Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is there life after death or oblivion

Materialists believe that death is the end of our memories, personality, our inner experiences etc.] are they right? with the strong evidence of close correlations between the mind and brain some people believe it's impossible for the mind to survive the destruction of the brain however it also depends on what theory explains that correlation better production theory or the combination theory both theories hold that the mind is extinguish when the brain dies. Here are the three theories that are put forth to explain the mind and brain connection

(1) The Mechanistic Theory holds that the brain is a kind of complicated recording device, with elaborate switches to combine the recordings in various ways, and to produce appropriate outgoing nerve-currents. Consciousness, according to this theory, is merely incidental, like the light which accompanies the burning of wax in a candle-wick. When the burning is put out, the light instantly ceases.

(2) The Psychosomatic Theory holds that consciousness and brain activities are merely two inseparable sides of one reality. This brain-mind combination is not merely mechanical (like a tape-recorder) nor even merely biological. It is psychological in the fullest sense. But when the brain aspect ceases, the mind aspect (according to this theory) must also cease, because brain and mind are merely two different ways of looking at the same process.

(3) The Transmission Theory holds that the 'I' is a separable, self-existent reality, which uses the brain somewhat as a pianist uses a piano, or somewhat as the TV actor uses the television set.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

I know a Heavenly Great Beyond exists. Why? In my NDE at 15, I was taken instantly to a place where I was outside of 'Heaven' but didn't enter because I still had work to do; nevertheless, alas, I came down into my feeble body (still feel like the Christ in His mortal humanity). Imagine: where God has unlimited POW!er and has to be transformed into a 3D, whorizontal playing field for 33 years. Egad!! God blessa youse - Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

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