Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flights through time

psychologist Dr. Keith Hearne is a member of the Society for Psychical Research and heads the BBC's prediction bureaux for the programme Out of this World. He explains:

Premonition exists- even though it defies the known laws of the universe. Everything in the universe may happen all at once and our lifetime is but one segment of this wholeness. I predict that one of the most important questions for the science of the next millennium will be concerned with the illusion of time.

Here's an interesting case of a woman named Beverly

As we looked around the market my husband said to me, 'I've just seen a lovely dinner service on a stand near the shop over there. If we're quick we may just be able to buy it in time. As we rushed over to the stall, to told me that a strange old lady with long grey hair tied back ran it. The stall had the oddest collection of things for sale- most of them from the 1950's.

But when we got to the stall it was completely empty. Only seconds ago it had been full of waves. Perplexed by what had happened, my husband asked a man, who was sitting nearby selling his paintings, if he had seen the old lady and her stall. 'I couldn't understand why you were looking at an empty stall,' said the man. 'And who were you talking to?'

Further enquires revealed that the site of the stall was once owned by a little old lady with distinctive long grey hair. She had stopped trading in the 1950s. Did my husband have a vision of the past?.

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