Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can Dualism Account For Changes In Personality With Brain Damage?

I shall argue that it can. For example with the evidence for a soul, it is claimed by many materialists that Phineas Gage personality change was not just temporary but permanent. This however appears not to be so.

For example

Recently, an advertisement for a previously-unknown public appearance by Gage has been discovered, as have a report of his behavior during his time in Chile and a description of what may have been his daily work routine there as a long-distance coach driver. This new information suggests that the seriously maladapted Gage described by Harlow may have existed for only a limited number of years after the accident—that in later life Phineas may have been far more functional, and socially far better adapted, than has been thought. If this is so then (along with theoretical implications) it "would add to current evidence that rehabilitation can be effective even in difficult and long-standing cases," according to Macmillan.[36]

Now the materialists would say well that is just one case, what about other cases?. Those other cases that do show permanent change but perhaps instead of personality changed permanently maybe the personality is being constrained and restricted. With the overhype that Phineas Gage's personality change being permanent, it should make materialists not jump to an conclusion. if their are cases that may show that brain damage also results in permanent personality change.

Also their are accounts and physician Benjamin Rush an physician author of the first American treatise on mental illness. He observed that most mad people discover a less degree of reason in the last days or hours of their lives.

Here is a study involving this

Here's another link with more informaiton on the french studies

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