Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great Meeting Today At Tim Hortons With Stacey

We both sat down and talked, i shared with her pics of me when i was younger also a pic of my brother Roddy and father and sister. It was awesome her mother drove me home and Stacey gave me a hug. I am liking Stacey more and more as time goes on. She is a very sweet person, with a very caring heart. She told me her previous boyfriend well he thought of himself and himself only. As she knows i ain't like that, a completely different person to say the least. So happy that an amazing girl has come into my life, her courage, strength, honesty, sarcasm, cuteness all of that is a big turnon.

Her love for animals also is a turnon it is one of the things and we sure have in common. She is an down to earth amazing women! one of a kind that is for certain. I felt really great when we met today, she makes me very happy being around her. Can't wait to meet her again.

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