Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Youtube user telling what he thinks open mindedness is all about

I listened to this video

The user goes under the name qualiasoup


Well some of his video is good, he makes the skeptic look like he can't be closed minded himself and not ignore vast amounts of evidence. He then mentions how an experience that is unexplained doesn't in any way strengthen the case for any supernatural concept. Well true if it's however colloborated on that case is strengthen. Then he mentions how believing in false claims can seriously damage your income and your health. True, at the end of the movie he mentions how no paranormal claim has ever been validated by scientific experiments this is obviousyly false. He also mentions that the approach to science is with open mindeness. Which isn't true, scientists have their own biases as much as other people do. Scientists will defend their pet theory right to their grave. Also science has it's own held beliefs on what is possible and what isn't. To say that science is free and open to new ideas is not always true.

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