Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me And Stacey Broke up

Stacey and i broke up we were in a relationship for about 2 weeks we were good friends before then . Ok here comes why, she called me on the phone we were suppose to meet at my house, she said her sister was very sick i said it's ok. I understood that but here is where it becomes really bad, she said Mcdonald's restaurant which she said she may take me too when we were going to meet at my house. She said it was closed dued to a cochroach, and her brother said that. My mom called up Mcdonald's restaurant she got a hold of the manager she asked her if Mcdonald's was closed anyday on tuesday. The manager said they were open all day. So she lied to me, she wanted me to choose who was telling me the truth and i chose my mom. She got mad at me for calling her a liar, instead of admitting she was lieing she said it was my fault. I'm really hurt right now, i seen her true colors.

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