Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stacey Is Amazing!

Her mom drove me to her and Stacey's house. I was treated well, Stacey showed me her room, brother's room and parents room and the bathroom. Stacey is a good cook, i enjoyed her mashed potatoes and porkchops with vegetables. Me and Stacey now are boyfriend and girlfriend, i am happy, her pets too are very cute. It is my privelage to be Stacey's boyfriend, she is an amazing wonderful, kind, honest, tall, funny, smart person, hot and cute person. I like her family, but most importantly i like Stacey a lot. I have always been the type of guy that likes to talk to some other people more than others. I guess you can say i choose who i talk to and who i don't talk too.

Today is Easter, and i am thinking about Stacey, I think about her a lot. My cat Max is feeling better now, which is good. Another thing i found today was that me and Stacey both like the song in the end by Linkin Park. Stacey makes me happy inside and out which is one of the most important things about our relationship.


Jime said...

Leo, this is off topic.

You could be interested in an e-mail exchange I had with Keith Augustine regarding his criticism of Grossman:

Congratulations for your relationship with Stacy.


Leo MacDonald said...

Hello Jime

Thanks, also thanks for pointing to this email exchange with Keith Augustine.

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