Sunday, April 5, 2009

Met A Great Girl Yesterday

I met her yesterday at my house she came with her mother and brother. Her name is Stacey in case your wondering, she is so nice, tall, honest and funny.She sure was tall 6'0 1/2 and with heels on she is 6'2, her other heels make her 6'3 1/2. I am by the way 6'5,she told me she would have to buy an 5 inch pair of heels to be as tall as me. I love her smile too, she wowed me yesterday i was amazed. Our next meeting is this tuesday at dinner time at tim hortons, can't wait. At first i was very nervous and shy then mellowed out some. She sat beside me on the couch and i gave her an hug, she told me it felt great.

She said too she hopes hehe when we kiss it is as great as the hug was. Her mother and brother are also really nice people. Last night me and her chatted some more on msn, her brother Derrek added me too msn. Her mother is also nice her name is Alva she told me i'm a great gentleman. I showed her my room yesterday too she said she liked my room.

She also saw one of my black and white cats called Mancub hehe he said he is cute and big. We have many things in common such as we both like watching the biggest loser on nbc. She also likes basketball, so do i, also we both love pets and kids and family. I haven't met her sister yet can't wait!.

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