Friday, May 15, 2009

The Biggest Discovery Ever We All Appear To Survive Physical Death

You probably wonder like I do why the overwhelming evidence for survival, doesn't rock mainstream science out of it's materialistic presumptions about the nature of reality. Is it an conspirary? I shall argue it isn't an conspiracy, it is a fear but science being plunge and the world into an dark age. Even some psychical researchers couldn't accept the evidence for survival, because they didn't want to accept the implications. This is the same with mainstream science the implications are far too reality shattering, it would also replace materialism. Now mainstream scientists would fire back and say materialism has had great success and that we can understand the natural world this way perfectly. I got no problem with that, but is it the whole answer?, when a road block such as the nature of consciousness comes across materialism.

Some of the materialists say well consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain, others say it supervenes over the brain, while others say consciousness is an emergent property of the brain. All three of these materialist options all fall in the same assumption. That the brain somehow produces all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, personality and memory. The thing is if the production model fails then we must look for an alternative. The alternative is that the brain is an receiver or filter of consciousness.

The filter or receiver theory had many advantages over the production theory, such as it can account for positive experimental results for large pk and other psi phenomena. Also it can account for all the evidence for survival and for other phenomena in psychology such as stigmata, the strong correlation between mind and brain, maternal impressions etc.

Of course i am not here to convince any hardcore materialist that simply will not happen. But perhaps materialist's are aren't so sure of their position can make up their own mind. That is all we survivalist's ask for.

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