Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Their A Reason And Purpose For Why We Are Here?

I shall argue that with a yes, i'm sure materialists can come up with many reasons showing in their view that natural selection alone can explain life as we know it and can even account for subjectivity that we all have inside ourselves. I have no doubt that natural selection indeed plays a role in the evolution of our species. However i don't think it's the whole story, as we all have this inner subjective character to ourselves. This subjective character i will call the soul, is something in my view that has gone through cycles of change over a period of time. I think that if reincarnation is real which their is some good evidence that it maybe real, well then it could be that our souls are recycled when they go to the afterlife but the come back to physical reality. Common knowledge tells us that we appear to have free will, one simple observation of this is that the arm won't raise on its own, its up to me if that arm will raise or not.

Now you can ignore that observation by saying well that is the thing with the arm, somedays it will move and sometimes it won't. But the fact that moves up and down, that it's up to me if the arm will go up or not.

I'm sure to a point that materialists are right when they say that religion has been here to control people. But any system of belief can control people if it's allowed the means to do so. That is why i try to follow the evidence, instead of a system of belief that i know will possibly either brainwash me or control me. This song that i am going to end this post with is called " The riddle you and i" by Five for fighting. I thought you find it uplifting and gives you reason to open your mind and see reality as marvelous and that their truly is a reason and purpose for why we are all here.

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