Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UFO Phenomena

I usually don't deal with Ufo which stands for unidentified flying object. The reason why is because even though i do believe their is other life out there, i just don't see the evidence for ufo's that compelling. I am open however to any evidence for ufo's that can help shed some light on what they maybe. A lot of people believe ufo's are flying saucers, with little green people that use them. The material which i am going to link to right now, i have come across well searching through the internet.

Here's some of the material i have found

One of those sites is called ufoevidence.org

Here is some of the photographs


A video on youtube called Evidence- NASA UFOs.



I do find the one the videos on youtube with NASA UFO's to be the most compelling evidence for UFOs.

Just found this

Scientific Panel Concludes Some UFO Evidence Worthy Of Study


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Joseph Capp said...

There is compelling evidence UFOs are real objects which can be tracked on radar chased by jets and even known to defend themselves by disabling control panels of perusing military Jets. There have been over 5000 trace cases of UFOs landing with no explanation of what caused the soil to change. UFO were filmed shooting down one of our missiles and of shutting down missile silos. The people that were there swear by what happened. Even document indicate that at the shutdown UFOs were mentioned although the follow-up was never released. The missile shoot down was filmed by the military cameraman who came forward but the film was never released. Goggle missiles shot down by UFOs and UFOs shut down a missile base for more info. The evidence amassed after 60 years is starling to say the lease.
Joe Capp
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