Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons For Skeptics Rejections To Evidence For Psi And Survival

Here is a list of reasons I have compiled for why skeptics don't accept or even strongly consider the evidence for psi and survival.

1]. When I was a kid like the rest of us his parents told him that Santa Claus was real, but as he got older he realized that Santa Claus with flying reindeer was not real.

2.] The same with the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny

3.] Never had any persuasive paranormal experiences

4.] Been ingrained from the get go of his or her scientific career that their wasn't any history of evidence for any survival of consciousness and psi phenomena.

5]. After a long career in academia just repeats what he or she hears from skeptics such as Randi and Shermer that their is no evidence for psi and survival.

I have found all of the above very obvious when debating with skeptics. In a way I personally can't blame a academic when all five of the above have have fullfilled. With no history in mainstream science about the apparent evidence for psi and life after death. A person has to then look for the answers for themselves. That we what the internet is good for among other things.

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