Friday, May 8, 2009

Patricia Does Mental Mediumship Experiment For The One Million Dollars

As i mentioned before James Randi skeptic and magician has a million dollars for anyone that can prove their paranormal powers under controlled strict scientific conditions. I mentioned before how their is compelling reasons why the challenge is unwinable.
Discussion on Randi's prize can be found at the following internet forum:

Recently an medium named Patricia apparently failed the test. Their are two possibilities here one she couldn't do what she claims she can do, we do know without a doubt many mediums are frauds, cold readers. However their are some that are genuine. Another possibility is that perhaps the data was altered some. The reason why i say this is because of a number of reasons.

1] He's the fellow who claimed that his own work invalidated Rupert Sheldrake's research on "pet telepathy," but when Wiseman's results were analyzed, they were found to match the same patterns Sheldrake had identified!

2] He was also one of the investigators in the thoroughly botched Natasha Demkina experiment.

3] Here's a good takedown of Wiseman by Stephen Braude.

4] More articles critical of Wiseman can be found here

Then their is the other scientist who conducted that experiment on Patricia, called Professor Chris french

in The Skeptic, 14(4): "I am biased in my approach to evidence relating to the paranormal…..I make no claim to be a neutral assessor of the evidence". He takes the view that the on-going debate about the existence of psi "is more consistent with the notion that psi is a powerful illusion rather than the idea that it is real and we are making progress in understanding it".


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