Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skeptics Claim They Can Duplicate Paranormal Phenomena

If they can, why haven't they done so?. Of course their is the show called the mentalist, James Randi on talk shows claiming he can do what Uri Geller can. But the point is they haven't shown this is pure trickery in well controlled experiments. Why? because it appears that they can't. By the way i ain't talking about bending mental, i am talking about his ability for dowsing for oil companies. He has written novels and been a proponent of human consciousness development.

More information on Uri Geller on why he had to be dismissed as having genuine paranormal powers.

When Geller was being tested at SRI computers working on a DARPA project on the next floor went haywire. This seriously upset defense department officials. If a psychic could influence electronic equipment, then any modern weapons system would be subject to sabatoge. Geller had to be discredited to minimize the possibility that anyone would be encouraged to develop military applications for psychic powers. The operation included a prominent skeptic and a U.S. weekly news magazine which brings into question the role of skeptical organizations and the mass media in supressing parapsychology. I discuss this idea in more detail on my web site:

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