Monday, May 25, 2009

Philip The Imaginary Ghost

In the year of 1972 the Society for Psychical Research invented a imaginary spirit called philip and provided him with a history. It wasn't too long before they started to hear from Philip. The proponents of "Super Esp" believed this particular case supported the existence of "Super Esp". A good counter argument to this it could of been a low- level spirit.

Allan Kardec book in 1872 called "The Book of Mediums". Here is a comment he had to say about it possibly being a low-level spirit.

“Invoke a stone and it will answer you. There is always a crowd of spirits ready to speak for anything….If you invoke a myth, or an allegorical personage, it will answer; that is, it will be answered for, and the spirit who would present himself would take its character and appearance. One day, a person took a fancy to invoke Tartufe, and Tartufe came immediately; still more, he talked of Orgon, Of Elmire, of Damis, and of Valire, of whom he gave news; as to himself, he counterfeited the hypocrite with as much art as if Tartufe had been a real personage. Afterward, he said he was the spirit of an actor who had played the character. Trifling spirits always profit by the inexperience of interrogators, but they take good care never to address those who they know are enlightened enough to discover their impostures, and who would give no credit to their stories.”

Also the super psi proponents obviously forget that like physical beings, our spiritual beings can have an imagination to say they are somebody their not.
By the way, i got this from Michael E Tymn but paraphrase it in my own words here.


anonymous said...

Hi Leo,

I didn't notice any reference to the source of this post. Did I miss something? It's a good habit to give at least a link or a word or two about where you get something. Even if you try to paraphrase it instead of using a direct quote, someone who doesn't know you, might think you are trying to pass their work off as your own.

You have a lot of good posts on your blog and the more people read it, the more important it is to be clear about where you get material from. One of the great things about the internet is that it is easy to share information and sources of information, so it is of benefit to your readers when you tell them about your sources.

Over on the forums, there is a link at the bottom right of each post that says "link to post" which is what it says it is, a link to the post. You can save the link address or click on it and copy the url from the browser window.


Leo MacDonald said...

Hello anonymous, i just made a comment on where i got it from.


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